Snoozapalooza 2022 Results

45 Applications, 15 Countries Represented, 9 Idea-Stage Submissions

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  • Bairitone Health | Identifying airway obstruction anatomy during sleep
  • Circadian Health Innovations | Uncovering the effects of light exposure with a melanopic eye
  • Fascia | Empowering sleep researchers with tools to test new hypotheses
  • Florica Therapeutics | Making human hypothalamus tissue
  • HypnOS | Incubating dream technology companies
  • Restful Robotics | Solving PAP non-compliance using robotics
  • Sahha | Enabling apps to passively predict how users think and feel
  • Sleepfall | Developing tiny homes for sleep-optimized hospitality experiences
  • SleePro | Engineering voice-based biomarkers for circadian health
  • Somnea Health | Empowering sleep providers with remote patient monitoring solutions


2022 Judges

Tim Kern
Dr. Cheri Mah
Mike Masterson