Highlights from the Supermoon orbit.

Hypnogram Vol.4 Newsletter

Animal dreams, advancements in chronobiology, and a dog bed for humans.

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Hypnogram Vol.3 Newsletter

A breakthrough for digital therapeutics, James Blake’s new soundscape-album, and troubling data on melatonin usage.

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Hypnogram Vol.2 Newsletter

Wearables, a self-making bed, and big news out of Madison.

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Inspire Medical Systems Invests in AI Startup EnsoData HIT Consultant

Inspire Medical Systems has announced its investment in EnsoData, an artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare company helping clinicians uncover disease while patients sleep.

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Hypnogram Vol.1 Newsletter

Chronicles from the universe of sleep. Introducing our new series of reports on the latest innovation in sleep.

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Endel raises $15M to further develop its AI-powered sound wellness technology TechCrunch

Berlin-based sound wellness company Endel has raised $15 million in Series B funding led by Waverley Capital and True Ventures to further develop its patented technology.

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IFF And SleepScore Labs Develop Fragrance That Targets Sleepless Nights Forbes

Tired of tossing and turning? Fragrance and flavor giant IFF and SleepScore Labs, a sleep science and improvement company, are cozy bedfellows. The two firms have partnered to develop a scent that will help consumers get a better night’s sleep based on science and data and creativity.

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Supermoon Capital Launches with World’s First Fund Focused on Sleep Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., August 25, 2021 — Supermoon Capital (, formerly SleepScore Ventures, launched today with its first venture fund of $36 million to invest in early-stage startups across all geographies working on science-backed innovations aimed to improve sleep.

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Inside Supermoon Capital’s Big Dreams For Its Sleep Tech Focused Fund Crunchbase

Sleep has long been the bane of the working world, particularly in startup offices where all-nighters are a rite of passage, or even a badge of honor. But that’s changing, according to one brand-new venture capital firm that has its eyes—and money—exclusively focused on helping the world catch more Z’s.

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